Plant Centre

Hanging Baskets:

Moss and Rattan Baskets are made to order

We supply hanging baskets to shop customers and to many local businesses, as you walk around local parishes, pubs, restaurants and the city centre you are quite likely to be admiring our fabulous handiwork.

Picture above is an 18″ Moss Basket (we can plant any size basket) and a Pansy Freefall, available to order Spring and Autumn. Call 01244 320731 for more information.


We supply filled planters – large and small, for the public, business or councils.  The small ones that you will find tastefully arranged and available in store make ideal gifts.  Pubs and restaurants particularly like filled half barrels.

But just come in and walk around the dedicated areas for bedding plants, vegetable, herbs, shrubs, perennials, climbers and feature plants.


Seasonal gifts

We also do seasonal gifts so at specific time of the year you will find we do special planters for Easter, Mother’s Day (pictured below), Christmas etc.

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