We are a forward-looking family business that is based in the North West, Chester. We supply a comprehensive range of bedding, pot and basket plants, perennials, filled planters (large and small) and hot spot products to a number of Garden Centres, Local Authorities, Nurseries, Parks, and many more. We have successfully been growing for forty years and are committed to giving ALL our customers the best value, quality and service.

Our nursery is a modern set of glasshouses with the latest technology in computer-controlled heating, ventilation and irrigation. We have an automated production system, from seed sowing to transplanting to improve speed and efficiency. With our broad customer base, we grow a variety of different packs, pots and containers developed either by ourselves, or to contract, to suit your individual requirements.

We produce 95% of our plugs, which gives us more control over quality and availability.

We start with Hamilton Drum Seeder to sow the seed, then we move them into a germination room capable of sprouting 75,000 plugs at any time.
Once successfully germinated, the plugs are then placed onto tables, where we have supplementary lighting and different temperature zones.
Then when the plants are big enough, they are packed to the customers required pack size by our Vissar transplanting machine. This procedure is done with machines to eliminate plant and root damage, this also allows for large volumes of packs to be filled in short periods of time, which is essential for modern bedding plant production.

Environmental Awareness

We pride ourselves on our environmental awareness and our policies in this area, please ask us about this for more information, but perhaps most importantly we will collect back all the plastic our plants are sent to you in, we then either reuse or return it to the manufacturer to recycle,  – add in poster.

Above bottom left : Vissar transplanting machine. Above left and right: production.